Just A Traveling Australian

bac‘Ello there mate! I’m Marian, just an Australian traveling the world looking for beautiful, cool new places and things.  So far I’ve been traveling North America, stopping in at Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and New York City.  Next on my list are more American cities including Providence, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Austin.  I plan to visit the west coast after that.  Super looking forward to being in L.A. and Las Vegas – heard those places are pretty cool.

So far traveling in Canada, there’s been some really awesome things I’ve tried.  POUTINE – wow, this is amazing.  You can basically put anything on it and it tastes amazing.  It’s basically french fries with cheese and gravy.  Yum.  Also, they have a drink called “Caesar” and it’s tomato juice with hot sauce and vodka.  Man these also taste great.  They can be bacon infused and who doesn’t like bacon?  I’ll post more on what I see and hear and try so stay tuned!!

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